Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Great Explorations- Dr's and Pizza

The kids got to play in a hospital. I told Rob I'd like to save this pic for when one of them graduates from medical school. Wouldn't that be so cute? In my opinion, Addison looks right at home in a lab coat. There was a brick oven pizzeria there as well. Rob and I ordered different toppings on our pizza and the kids had to serve us. They had to take our order, make the pizza, bus the table, and ring in the order on the cash register. Rob (towards the end) asked for a "Jenna Pizza" and made Jenna sit on top of the crust and pizza sauce and put herself in the oven. She willfully did so and enjoyed every minute of the attention!

Here are the kids with their pizza creations! They did a phenomenal job!

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