Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve...

Here we are waiting on the pirate ship cruise to let us on board. We decided to go across the street in Clearwater to a park at their marina. It was awesome! The best part was the crystal white sugar sand that was everywhere. The beach and boardwalk were right there too and we got to see their beach. It was amazing!! Definitely more crowded than where we were staying, but when we go back, we'll definitely be spending some time here!! They had a jumping contraption for the kids, a giant water slide (for when it's warmer), and lots of climbing rocks. This is also where Jenna got her smoothie and the rest of the kids got treats as well. The seagulls were so bad here that the ice cream man at the ice cream store told us to make sure we stay under the overhang or if we have to walk the boardwalk, we needed to cover our ice cream with our hands and walk inbetween two people who are not eating. Otherwise- the birds would eat the ice cream. This is also where I wish we had brought our video camera!! There was this lady who was sitting in the open with a sandwich and the birds were all over her. As soon as she'd take a bite, the birds would swoop in and steal part of her sandwich. She became extra cranky and we all thought it was hillarious!

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