Thursday, December 3, 2009

This Week...

So, sorry no pictures this time... I am super busy this week and next. It seems like December is always full of fun things going on, but so busy at the same time that I'm hardly able to enjoy all the fun. This week alone, I had the following going on: prepare for Addi's baptism; prepare for Addi's birthday party; pick out birthday cake; design baptism cake; write out Christmas cards; make soup for Relief Society Christmas dinner; get all my dishes out and over to someone's house for R.S.dinner; kids have Lego League practice twice and competition all day Saturday; 2 Christmas parties on Saturday; Playgroup at my house Friday; make cookies for playgroup; clean house for playgroup; watch a friend's child; make a birthday present for Addi; buy the rest of the birthday presents; wrap presents; get out invites; plan 2 Holiday parties for school; send out letter for both parties to parents asking for stuff; do minutes for PTA meeting on Tuesday; etc.etc.etc.... Honestly, how am I able to do all of this stuff AND take care of the house, meals, Tae, and homework? Sometimes I just sit down and try to remember to blink. Life needs to Slllllooooowwwwww Doooowwwwnnnn. Merry Christmas!!!

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