Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Captain Memo's Pirate Ship Cruise

Rob and I decided to take the kids on a very special cruise this year aboard a pirate ship. As soon as we went aboard, they handed each kid a pirate hat and a gun. It was a "real-looking" cap gun without caps. They had a blast "shooting" each other and us as well. This is before we got on the boat. There it is in all it's majesty.

Rusty Rachet, the wench aboard, read the kids a story. There was alot of time where they entertained the kids and let the grown-ups have some alone time. After the story, they found some hidden treasure, did a watergun fight with the parents, told pirate stories and found a washed-up enemy of Capt. Memo who they fought, got our faces painted, danced, and did a round of musical chairs where Jenna came in fourth place. She was the last girl standing which was quite impressive to all who witnessed it.

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