Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Youngstown and the Canfield Fair...

So, we went to Youngstown for Labor Day weekend and got to visit with Rob's family. It was a lot of fun. I'll admit that it was tempting to stay home and have some "me" time and get the condo in order, but I'm glad I went. We had a blast! Some of the highlights include, going to the 2nd largest fair in the nation- The Canfield Fair. The kids rode lots of rides, we saw old machinery, lots of animals, and ate yummy fair food. Then, we ate a really good Korean dinner at home and Rob and I went to see a movie that night. We didn't know whether we could stay up that late or not, (mainly my problem) but it worked out nicely. (It was a 10:20 showing!!)

The next day, we ate Wedgewood Pizza for lunch and it was INCREDIBLE! Everyone in Y-town is Italian it seems, so their pizza is to die for! (and cheap) After lunch, Rob's dad, Rob, the girls, and I went out to a Par three golf course. This was my first actual golf experience. I wasn't half bad!! Everything I hit went straight. (granted, it didn't go TOOOOO far, but overall pretty good for the first time!) Then, Rob's extended family including Poppie and Grammie Weber and Aunt Judy with Brandon, Uncle Rick and Aunt Eleanor, came for a picnic. It was lots of fun. We really enjoyed playing four-square... a game Rob and I used to play in elementary school!! Later that night, Rob and I snuck out again for a second date and another movie!! We saw District 9 which was different, but altogether pretty good. The trip home was decent and we ate at a Five Brothers restaraunt for lunch. It was pretty good. Enjoy some pictures from past years trips to the fair!

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