Thursday, September 24, 2009

Food, Fun, and Family!!

So, this weekend is going to be filled with fun, family, and food!! This week, I have been in a major red meat mood, and so when I went to Kroger for my grocery shopping this week, I discovered that Rib-eyes were on sale, they had a new packaged thinly sliced steak meat, and we had already decided on making Bulgoki burgers (a Korean marinade for steak meat). The burgers were yummy, the Bulgoki we made for last night's Korean meal was delicious, and the Ribeyes tonight I'm sure will be quite amazing. Yummy beef...

That's bulgoki...Korean barbeque!!

Enough about food. Now for the famliy... Rob has been gone working out of town quite a bit lately. It seems like when he is in town on the weekends, he is playing out in his band. He plays for a band called LuLu's closet in Cincinnati. They have a myspace page if you are interested in finding out more. He plays the bass guitar. This weekend is quite different however. He will be home BOTH weekend nights, which means that we get him all to ourselves! On Saturday morning, he will be the deejay for Erpenbeck Elementary's 5K Mustang Stampede. He has to be at the school at 6:30 am. He hates me for this... but he is perfect for the job. Great music, exercise, and friends= good times!!

Enough about family. Now for the fun... Since we have Rob all to ourselves this weekend, and since Mott (my mom) got five free tickets to Disney On Ice, we are going as a family on Friday night! The kids are super excited... and believe it or not, Rob and I are too. It's always fun to see your kids faces light up. (Our faces might light up too since it's free... that always makes us happy!!!) Look for an upcoming post about Disney On Ice. I'm sure it will be fun!!

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