Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nature Walk

We had such a good time with Family Home Evening last night. I made dinner earlier than usual which was chicken and stuffing casserole. So yummy!! Then, we got ready and went outside to walk down to the nature trail by our house. I thought it would be fun for the kids to get out and "explore" since we are in a condo now with little to nothing to explore in our own "backyard."
We began walking down the main street in Plantation Pointe and about 1/4 mile later, ended up at the beginning of the trail. By this time the kids were antsy to get going. They were so excited to begin our trek. Rob told them that if they heard any weird noises, it was probably just the witches that lived in the woods. Of course there were noises.... so our kids just looked at us like, "Yeah right!!" Then, we came across a firepit that someone tried to make and we told the kids that it was how the witches cooked the little kids they found hiding in the woods. They roasted them over the fire using this very firepit. Next, we came across some boards that were all lined up in a row... (it kinda resembled a bed) and we told the kids that we ran into the witch's bed. By this time, they were skeptical but buying our story a bit.
We also gave the kids paper bags with their names on them and told them to find their 5 favorite things from the nature hike to share with the family once we returned home. The girls found lots of pretty "flowers" (weeds) and fossils... Tae found 4 walnuts in their casings, a large walking stick, and a HUGE leaf on the ground. It looked like a fan it was so big.
We had a blast on our nature hike. By the time we got off the hiking trail and were heading home, Tae started falling asleep standing up while walking. He kept on saying, "I need a rest," everytime we passed by a bench. Lots of friends saw us walking and we waved hello and had a blast as a family. What a great way to enjoy this fall-like weather!!

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Kristie said...

Glad to hear that you had a fun nature hike as a family. :) We have sure had great weather lately haven't we? Sounds like a great idea....perhaps we will have to try that sometime soon!