Sunday, September 13, 2009


Rob has been traveling a lot lately and although I miss him when he is gone, it just makes it that much sweeter when I get to see him next. After you are married for awhile, you forget how waiting to see each other can make such great happy feelings when you guys are together again. Rob has been great about letting me have Stacey time lately. On Saturday, I went to Bunco with my girlfriends and it was a blast!! I honestly don't know what I would do without "me time." Does that make me ultra-selfish? Anyway- Saturday afternoon, Addison had her third soccer game. The first two games, her team had won and kinda easily too. This last game though, was a booger!! Totally competitive game and all for a U-8 league! I was honestly on the edge of my seat watching them get up by one goal and then watching the other team score. They ended up tieing at 3-3. So- 2 wins, 1 tie... I'd say they are pretyy good!! Addison's favorite part was seeing her teacher from school at the game. Her daughter was on the opposing team and she was so kind to come up to Addison and let her know that she was cheering for her. Addison's face lit up!! She can't wait to tell everyone in her class that her teacher came to her soccer game!


Kristie said...

Sounds as if you guys are doing good! I miss talking to you since I am out of comission! :) Come by any time to see little Evan!! I would love to see you!

srorro said...

Yea!!! I'll be by tommorow around 11am. Sound good?