Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting Ready for School

So, if it isn't a huge surprise already, I,(Stacey) am the one who posts on this blog. So when I say, "I", it is about me.

I am going back to school in January to NKU for Elementary Education. Although I already have lots of credit hours, let's just say that school wasn't a priority when I was younger...and I need to repeat some courses to get my GPA up before I can be accepted into my program. This little setback is going to cost me another 2 years of college, which really stinks, but to be honest- I'm not quite ready to school taking 4-5 years isn't a bad thing necessarily. I am truly excited to begin my journey of finishing school and getting my degree. I think it is ultra important for me to do this so I will have a clear conscious when I explain how important education is to my children. I have some regrets in life... timing of certain events, and not getting my degree are the two main ones. This will help me to get rid of that feeling.

On a funny note- when I got the call from NKU saying that I was officially accepted, I quickly told the kids and Rob. Jenna then preceded to tell us that she couldn't believe it. (all dramatic-like of course...) She said, " Mom's going to be a teenager again!" What a hoot! That kid cracks me up.

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Dave & Kami said...

You go girl, you teenager you!! Best of luck with school. You will be so glad you did it and won't regret it!