Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Power of a Green Thumb and Great Visiting Teachers

I wanted to share my first experience of growing something from a bulb all by myself. I was strictly in charge of watering, giving sunlight to, and generally taking care of my plant. Believe it or not, it actually grew!!! My track record on plants is Plants-9, Stacey-0...until now. Now the record is: Plants-9, Stacey-1. I was super excited to watch it grow. I received this right before Christmas and didn't plant the bulbs until the second week in January. I already have a super tall plant with beautiful white paper-thin blooms on it. My sweet visiting teachers, Holly and Ashley, gave this to me for Christmas. They are soooo good to me. I am lucky to have such great visiting teachers who honestly care about me and my family, help us out when we need it, and who are such great friends that I get to spend time with. Tonight, we are actually going to see the musical, "CATS" at the Aronoff Theater. I know we'll have a terrific time and it will be a great bonding experience!! Do you like the vinyl lettering above the fireplace? I honestly don't like it, but it only costs.....$1. I found the entire set of lettering at the dollar store and thought, 'who cares if I don't like's a dollar!!' It will come down when my large framed family portrait goes up. (another project that I haven't started...)

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