Saturday, February 6, 2010

Drop It Like It's Hot

Rob and I LOVE the Snoop Dogg song, "Drop it like it's hot..." so when we saw some shirts while shopping for the girls, we just HAD to buy them. Addison's says, "Shop It Like It's Hot" with some bling bling on it... and Jenna's says, "Drop it like it's Hot" with a tater tot in the middle and the "Ore Ida" logo on the bottom. Recently I promised Jenna, (who adamently hates this shirt) that if she wore it to school one more time, we would retire the shirt. She did wear it with a hoodie on top zipped all the way up until she began to get hot at school. She took off her hoodie and said that people were making fun of her at school. Rob and I asked, "How?" and her reply was that they would read her shirt and then laugh. Not pointing fingers and making fun of her type of laugh, but the 'Ha Ha!! That's funny' type of laugh. She couldn't quite distinguish between the two and as we tried to let her know that they were laughing at her shirt and not at her, she through a massive fit. So- I told her that if she let me take a picture of her, I would never make her wear it again- even at home. This is what I got. Crazy girl...

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