Saturday, February 6, 2010

No more nursery!!!

So, although this is a month late- I went a little mommy-crazy when I realized that I was sending my baby to Primary for the first time. My little Tae is now officially a SUNBEAM!!! How did that happen? Well- he will be 4 in I guess he is one of the oldest sunbeams I've had. I just remember when I brought him to church for the first time. I remember the first day of nursery. I remember dropping him off and him never crying... (well- almost never.) Here are some pics of his classmates in Sunbeams this year. From top to bottom: Meleah, Oran, Luke, Ford, and then Tae with his big sister escorting him into Primary for the first time!! (Yes, we made it a family affair. That is Rob and Addi in the background and I was the photographer.)

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