Saturday, February 6, 2010

FHE...with extended family

In January, my sister, Whitney quit her job which was paying next to nothing and she began her new search for a job doing hair in Dayton, Ohio. She is doing well and has several options. While she is jobless, she has been supplementing her income by coming down on Sundays and spending the night with my mom and dad and then working at the dry-cleaning plant on Mondays and Tuesdays. It works out well. I thought that I would take advantage of this situation and invite her and the rest of my family over for Family Home Evening one Monday night. I planned a lesson about being a "forever family" and had each member of the family help re-create the house above using our LEGOS. They did a fantastic job and when the house was finished, we read the sayings that I had taped to parts of the house. They said things like, "Kind Words", "Pray Together", and " Read scriptures." We talked about what we need to do to become a forever family. I think that even though she didn't gush over the lesson or the time spent together, she had a really good time. She had time to reflect over what she had been taught as a child. She was reminded that she, too is a daughter of God. It was a good experience overall and I crave for the next time we can get together like that.

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