Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taking it from Old School to New School!!

This is my mom's old furniture set. She was born in 1951, so it is quite old. She passed it down to her first daughter, and we did the same. Thus, this is Addison's furniture. She shares some of it with her sister, Jenna. Typically, Addison has the dresser with the mirror and the nightstand and Jenna has the tall bureau and the toy chest. It has worked out well in past years, but it desperately needed a facelift. So- I decided that the purple accents had to go. The white was not covering up imperfections very well so we went with an antique cream color. The hardware we had tried to replace a while back and it is so old that the measurements between the screws were atypical and cost a fortune to replace. The plate behind the hardware was shot and needed repainted. I went for a black, shiny look. Overall- I think they turned out VERY WELL!! I LOVE the color scheme. Hopefully the girls have learned their lesson about stickers and will not continue using their dressers/furniture as their private sticker collections!!

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Kristie said...

You sure do stay busy!! Packing for a move and painting all at the same time. Do you want to pass some of that energy to me?!! :)