Monday, July 13, 2009


Our yard sale went okay. I definitely wouldn't do it again!! For $150, just give it to Goodwill or another like place!! Enjoy the tax write-off. It would be easier than wasting two weeks of your time to sell only $150 worth of items. Now mind you- everything that sold was only a quarter or maybe a dollar. We only had one big item sell for $60 and everything else was just little stuff. So- I suppose that although we didn't hit the goldmine, we still got rid of a lot of junk. Some unfortunate events also occured during our yard sale, so my mind was definitely not on selling. I closed down shop about two hours early (noon) so I could focus on the tragedy that my friend was going through. (A friend of Jenna's family had their house burn down to the ground that morning.) Anyway- good news...

WE SOLD PALIN!!! We will definitely miss her and although she is a good puppy, I can't say I'm sad to see her go. We have too much going on right now to care for a big dog and with the condo and all, there is no way she could come with us. (We already have a beagle and a bird!!)

Palin will be going to live with a woman named Sarah and her family. They live in New Richmond, OH and just built a new house on 2 1/2 acres which adjoins to 68 acres owned by her family. It has a pond and hayfields. Palin will be in heaven!! Also- they already have a lab and her sis-in-law which lives next door has a lab as well!! Lots of playmates just her size. Sarah fell in love with her and Palin didn't seem to mind all the attention she was getting!! I think it is a match made in heaven. I'm glad that we raised this awesome pet for Sarah and that she is getting a forever home!

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