Saturday, July 18, 2009

Louisville Trip!!

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Louisville with a friend for a KY State PTA Conference. It was a good time with a lot of information to take in. I felt very blessed to have the business knowledge that I have at such a young age. Being at this conference made that very clear. I felt as though many of the women were older and not very business-minded. They are all terrific women who have sacrificed so much to volunteer their time on behalf of the children.
There were two things that I will take with me forever from this conference. One is my friendship with Carrie. We bonded and really got to know one another and became closer friends after spending so much time together. The other thing I took from the conference was my new friendships with the Erpenbeck gals!! I was excited to meet them and get to know them a bit better. I found my place in the new PTA. I am going to be helping out with fundraising at the PTA level as a co-chair of Ways and Means. I will be working with a really sweet woman named Vickie who has twins going into 2nd grade-just like Addison!! I can't wait to get started in my new position and get to feel out the board there.
Overall- a TERRIFIC trip!!!

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Dave & Kami said...

congrats on your new position!!. Tawnya said she met you and is so excited that you will do ways and means. Thats what she wanted me to do. Good luck. You will be great! They are such a fun team to work with.