Monday, January 23, 2012

Barbie House

Here is the shelf. I couldn't find a bookshelf that was cheap enough, so I made my own! (with Rob's help of course. I am HORRIBLE with power tools!!) We used Rubbermaid wooden shelves and L-brackets to create this shelf. Also- we used compressed cardboard/plywood material for the backing of the shelf to help stabilize it. Once the shelf is assembled, (Or you get one cheap enough without having to make it...) you can start to decorate. I used scrapbook paper with lots of texture. I also used Kraft Craft-Bond to help adhere it. This is the kitchen "wallpaper."This is the carpet I put in for the living/family room. It is actual dollhouse carpet. I went to a specialty store. I'm sure you can come up with alternatives. I was tired at this point and liked the way this looked. I wouldn't suggest using paper of any sort because it will not hold up well as floors.
This is the kitchen flooring I put in. It is "tiled" floors, again from a dollhouse store. I have seen others use peel and stick linoleum (that you would put in a real house) in their dollhouse. It works well. Again, I just decided to go with the easy way!!
Here is the shelf before I decorated it. Looks pretty good for a homemade bookshelf!!


ash and ry said...

Looks like you have been working hard! Are you done then and are you going to do a final shot of the whole house?

sewingstacey said...

We bought the Barbie bathroom and kitchen so we could be finished with the project. Final shot to come!!