Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our trip to KY

We recently went to Kentucky to visit my family. When we were there, we saw a few friends. I didn't take pictures of everyone we visited, but we were able to snap a few. Here is Addison and Jenna with their long lost sister... I mean friend, Lisa. She looks like she fits right into our family. I had a grand old time catching up with my buddy, Shoko as well. Taesun was having a blast hanging out with his buddy, Sammy. (Again... I think they look like they could be related!!)
We also went to Florence Mall to meet up with Taesun's best friend from preschool, Jack. Tae and Jack were in preschool together for 2 1/2 years!! They became best buds and played together non-stop in Ms. Shannon's class, Ms. Katie's class, and Ms. Amy's class. Jack doesn't really come from a great home. His mom is not in his life. He just moved back in with his dad. They live in a trailor in the boonedocks close to Rabbit Hash and Jack doesn't have a whole lot of love at home. Jack is a sweet boy who is lucky to have a grandpa who is very active in his life. Jack's papaw is amazing. He picked up Jack from Kindergarten and drove him to the mall so he could play with Taesun. The boys acted like they hadn't spent any time apart. I am so glad Taesun and Jack have each other.

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oggiethe said...

Awww. Love the pics! It was great to see you guys. We all miss you guys a lot. Come back any time :)