Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Amicalola Falls

There was a state park closeby that had a 400 foot waterfall. It was a serious hike to get up to the top, but they also had a driving path that took you up. Whew. As we started hiking up, Taesun said his leg was hurting and began to limp. Without Rob there, I knew that I couldn't carry Taesun downhill very far, so we decided to drive up instead. It was a beautiful hike, (what little we did...) and gorgeous at the top. Here are some photos for all my friends who are not in Georgia to see...

Top of the falls. The tree line at the top of the photo is where the water drops off. Very impressive.
Jenna thinking about her every movement while crossing the creek.
Taesun always climbing...
Cute little boy... ,minus the hood.
Taesun loved the creek!
This was a lake at the bottom of the falls seperate from the falls. I love the reflection in this photo.
Addison- beautiful as always.
Love this pic... creek at the top of falls.
Here's the clan... Jenna, Kayla, Patrick, Brett, Addison, and Taesun
Kayla and Jenna.. Kayla could seriously pass for my daughter...
Somebody's monkeying around...
This pic makes Jenna look so old, I think...
Friends on a log...
Jenna's ice cream face. We have a pic of me as a kid eating a brownie. Thought I would follow tradition.
Taesun found a rock that was shaped like a heart. What a clever boy.
Big rock. Kids are drawn to it, obviously.
Whoops! A double..
Friendship rock... with Jenna and Kayla
Another cool pic of the creek.
So serene. I could spend a whole day there!
Love this fall foliage. It is sparce here in Georgia right now.
All my trees at the house are green still. This was nice to see.
Beautiful colors... Love the fall!!!
Remember all those photos of kids walking across a fence? Whoops.
Jenna being all cute..
Still climbing...
Addison found a pretty leaf.
She wishes her friend could come to the falls and pumpkin patch, but it wasn't in the works. Maybe next year. Thanks for being my partner this day, Addi!!

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Kristie said...

Oooo....looks like fun! :) I love the fall colors. I hate to say it, but it probably won't look like fall there until like Thanksgiving or so. :( We miss you guys! Hope you are loving it there!