Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Adventurous Columbus Day

For Columbus Day this year, we joined another family from our neighborhood for a day of Fall Fun!! We went to a pumpkin patch called, "Burt's," and did a hayride where we met some talking pumpkins. Then we picked our own pumpkins and wheeled them to the car in a wheelbarrow. Such a neat time. I really enjoyed taking pictures of the pumpkins. These are the ones that adorn my front stoop now. Hope you enjoy...

The White Pumpkin...
The Heirloom Pumpkins
Kids showing off our new loot...
Love these!! The red one looks like a squished tomato!
The green pumpkin... (look at that stem...amazing!)
Our clan... minus the photographer (me)
The famous talking pumpkins... (fun for littles... not for mine)
Taesun loved the pumpkins with warts.
Addison inspecting the straw on the hayride.
Sadly, this is the only pic I have of all three kids at the patch. (It is a bit blurry)
Best friends...sometimes.
Gourds galore.
Burt's cabin full of pumpkin treats.
I just liked this pic. Subtle advertising, huh?
Overall, it was a magical day! The kids and I really needed this stress reliever before our crazy week began!

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