Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This past week...

This past week, we've seen a lot of snow. With that snow comes a lot of snow days. The kids have been to school 4 whole days since December 18!! When you put it that way, it seems crazy. (But you have to remember that we had winter break in there as well. ) The kids have been stir-crazy and so have I. We played in the snow a whole bunch and let the kids go sledding on the hill on the side of our house. They had a blast! We also had Stake Conference where I truly felt the spirit and was reminded of the scripture in Alma 34: 32-34 where it states that "...now is the time to prepare to meet God." I would like to start preparing by going to the temple this month. A temple trip is scheduled for the ladies on Feb. 5, but I don't want to wait until then. I feel like I need to be there now. So- my goal for this week is to meet with Pres. Greenhalgh and get that recommend and set up a time this weekend to go with Rob! Another thing that has been going on this week is my latest doctor's appointment. I have been having trouble with my GI tract lately and my acid reflux. Apparently the Dr. thinks I had bile in my mouth and that I have IBS. That leads him to want to do a gastroscopy which in otherwords is a scope. They put me to sleep for this one because they go all the way into my stomach. I already have a hiatal hernia, so they are going to start by checking out that and seeing how much erosion my esophagus has. Prayers would be much appreciated since I really don't want anything major to be wrong or to have surgery. I have not been feeling 100% for about 3 weeks now. Hopefully they will find something and find a cure for it so I can begin to feel better. Anyway- now that you know TMI, I will leave you with this funny Taesun story that happened yesterday. Tae woke up and said that he wanted to wear his "dragon" costume (that used to be mine as a child and he recently found it) to school. I told him that he couldn't do that and he grumpily looked at me and said, "But I want to scare Ms. Shannon and Ms. Barb!! You can even tape fire to my mouth." What a crazy kid fire-breathing dragon.

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