Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's Wrong with Georgia Water???

Seriously, what's in the water here, folks? We moved into a ward where at least 10 people were pregnant. Half of those women have had their babies in the past two months since moving in. We have at least 5 others who are pregnant now. I just found out that another woman who moved in the same time as we did is pregnant now. What is going on???? I am staying away from the drinking fountains though.

It is a rather strange phenomenon though. There are several women who are young and have young kids. There are several women who are in their 40's with pre-teens. And then there are the ladies in their 50's and 60's with grown children. Where are all the 30 year old women? They are there at church. The thing is... they don't have kids. They are married without children. I am seriously the only one with all kids at school everyday and under 40. IT IS SO WEIRD!!

I hope to find my niche soon. I've met a couple of girls that I could see myself becoming friends with. One is married with no children but stays at home. That is a good match since I stay at home as well. Another is a bit younger, but she has two little kids. Hmmmm... Since our ward is so great at having people moving in- maybe someone like me will move in soon. And if she does, WATCH OUT!! I am snagging her. I am in serious need of some girl hang time.

Tomorrow is Rob's birthday. Better get going.... I need to pick up his presents still. :)


Bjarnsons said...

Watch out Stacey.... you might catch the pregnancy bug :) That is crazy that there are so many though. Hope Rob had a fun birthday!

ash and ry said...

You just need to jump on the bandwagon... or move back here where there are plenty of fun ladies in their 30's with kids!