Friday, September 30, 2011

Rob's Birthday Dinner

For Rob's birthday this year, we went to a local concert on the greens at our town center. Super nice area with lots of room to roam, dance, or just lounge back in your chairs. The kids chose to do the roaming and dancing and Rob and I sat back and relaxed. Since his birthday was on a Thursday and we went to that concert, we celebrated his birthday dinner on Saturday instead. (Friday nights are dedicated soccer nights in our house.) One of Rob's favorite meals is Italian sausage with bell peppers and sauteed onions. Doesn't that look good?! One of his favorite desserts is banana pudding which I had never made. Seriously, the recipe calls for me to make my own meringue and pudding!! WHAT?!?!? Who does that anymore? Well... I do for my husband's birthday. It turned out looking amazing and the taste was great too.
We also got Rob a Big Green Egg for his birthday which he got a bit early so we could use it for a Labor Day cookout with friends from church. We sure do LOVE that guy!!! (And his yummy BBQ!)

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