Saturday, August 21, 2010

From Drab to Fab!!

We went to the world's longest yard sale a few weekends ago and Addison really wanted to find a cool lap desk since school was starting soon. Well- we happened upon this one, and it fit one of the criteria which was the fact that it is a lap desk, but cool- it was not!! So, I told Addison that I could help her make it look cool. I am not sure she believed that I could do it, but lo and behold....After a little Mod Podge and some scrapbooking supplies, we think it turned out well!! It is personalized with Addi's name on it and the best part is that it costs us $0.25!!!
When I looked on etsy to see if other people had done this before, I found a few lap desks that ranged from $25- $40!!! Wow- what a savings!!!

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