Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taesun's Obsession with "the Triplets."

Taesun is seriously obsessed with a set of triplet boys at our church. They just turned twelve and Tae looks up to them soooo much. During Sacrament meeting, Taesun always is unruly. It is extremely hard to keep his attention and keep him quiet for such a long period of time. (It's an hour.) During the passing of the Sacrament, Taesun was acting up. I acted quickly on my feet and said, "Mitchell is coming by to give you the bread and water. Where is he, Tae?" Taesun then looked around and said, "There's Mitchell AND there's Mitchell. There are TWO MITCHELL'S!!!" He was of course pointing at one of the other triplets, Simon. I was cracking up hysterically. He really thought that there were 2 Mitchell's. I love the innocence of a child. His eyes lit up and he got really excited. Thank you Mitchell for allowing my son to fantasize about being such a big kid like you. He really does look up to you!

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